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Overall one of the best pokemon themed picture ive seen.
Could have put more detailing for backround and just anything other than the pokeballs. Also i see that your font for the text is kinda matrix; i think you should have tryed to get a more pokemon themes font. other than that its amazing the detailing on the actual pokeball are amazing and very original, lightings great and just perfect glow. Keep on doing what your doin and being a boss and who knows, you might be the next artist for pokemon :) . Im blown away at how good you are its crazy
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Pikachiflame Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2015  Student Digital Artist
I see your Critisem but if your a true pokemon fan you would know this is the best there probally is and the Vision is right on and it is orignal to the max as far as ive seen and the impack is great If i was a Critique i would rate it Perfect and the backdrop is like that so show more of the pokeball its to display them not the background
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